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NEW SINGLE / SOCIAL / 22.07.21

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RELEASE 22/07/21


Music by the band Cuprion

Video by Maria Antonieta Garcia Agostinelli


Acting by Yi-Wei-Tien 田懿葳


Berlin-based metal outfit, Cuprion, mends intricate rhythms, harmonies and arrangements to construct a unique take on modern metal music.

Being a quartet from France, Sweden, Iran and Israel; the band presents an evolving style of riff-oriented progressive metal.

Cuprion's cultural diversity aims to knock down socio-political borders (such as the Iranian-Israeli conflict) between fellow music aficionados, and create a space where music is the common language and nothing else holds any relevance.

Along with banging breakdowns, crushing blast beats, and face-melting riffs; Cuprion believe in the concept of balance. Ambient guitar parts, jazzy drum patterns, and melodic vocals are omnipresent within the band's stylistic approach.

Themes range from philosophical concepts regarding humanity as a whole, the human condition, morality, psychological distress, politics, and various other forms of social commentary.

The band draws influences from fellow prog metal outfits such as Tool, Gojira and Architects; but also dive into different waters, taking influence from bands such as Lamb of God and Deftones.

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Management / Booking / Natalie Cedergren / / +49 15 115 274 657
General Inquiries / Ollie Ivarsson / /
+46 70 710 62 21 / +49 15 
203 159 179

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